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Why Small and Medium Size Companies are Yet to Develop Mobile Apps

Why Small and Medium Size Companies are Yet to Develop Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are associated with big brands. However, they have become essential for small and medium-sized businesses as well. Unfortunately, many companies are still grappling with the costs and technology behind the development of mobile apps. Not everyone can develop a mobile app. This is because of the coding demands that are critical for a well-functioning mobile app. It takes a lot of time, energy and intelligence to be able to come up with the perfect code for a mobile app. This is why the costs and the demand for app developers are high.

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In this article in, the author discusses the future of mobile app development.

The future of mobile app development

“As part of my ongoing discussion around the future of business software and the rising role of Citizen Developers, this week we’ll explore ‘Zero Code’, the second component of the Citizen Developer Success Model. So far, we’ve been talking about the future of enterprise applications and the role that Citizen Developers are playing in these changes.  It’s something that would be impossible to discuss…” read more here

How awesome would it be if we could all create mobile apps in a bid to develop our brand? Today, many individuals run online stores and offer services. It would be handy if anyone with an online presence had a mobile app. Of course, costs have kept many from having mobile apps. A future of no coding when creating apps will definitely make the process easier and more manageable for those who feel they need a mobile app, but cannot afford it.

In this article, Dave Basil discusses the implications of zero code applications.

The significance of zero code applications

“In today’s business world, information technology (IT) continues to be the engine that drives competitive advantage and long-term success. However, IT departments face mounting budget scrutiny at a time when their innovations are most needed. How can IT departments manage this “catch 22”? Some say, by doing less.” read more here

Hiring skilled developers is critical for organizations. Sometimes the intricate details of the organization demand highly skilled developers, but they are hard to come by because the demand is higher than supply. This has affected the ability of some organizations to develop a mobile app. With zero-coding, it will be possible for organizations to prepare and build their apps without seeking the services of a developer. This will also save businesses that have had to make personnel cuts to meet the budget of technological innovation.

 In this article, Michael Franco talks about building apps without a background in coding.

Steps to build your mobile app with zero coding

“There was a time when creating your own website, starting your own online store, or launching your own app would have required either advanced coding skills or enough money to hire someone with said skills. These days, though, enough companies have tools and business that make the process as speedy as an hour in some cases, and at minimal cost.” read more here

Fortunately, some sites will guide you on how to create your mobile app. Some of these sites are user-friendly. You will be able to develop your app in a few easy steps. Before choosing the site to use, it is essential to find out how good the site is, if there are any cost implications to use the software available for app building, and the merits of each site. These sites have made it much easier for organizations and individuals to develop mobile apps to build their brands.

Today, mobile apps are critical to the growth of companies. They provide a channel for the consumers to engage with the organization. They create more visibility for businesses, especially since most consumers use their phones to try and find products and services. The introduction of zero coding when developing apps will make the development process more comfortable for anyone interested in developing a mobile app. Small and medium-size companies that have great products and services will gain the attention of consumers who are unaware of their presence. The ability of companies and individuals to develop their mobile apps will also reduce the possibility of brands forming monopolies for specific products and services.